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Shaftless Screw Conveyors

For decades PST Shaftless Screw Conveyors have proven themselves to be an exceptional solution for the conveying of many types of materials.

The uncomplicated design of the Shaftless Screws means they can transport to a very high capacity; 1 – 500m³/hr. This design also enables the handling of bulky goods, including sticky and threadlike materials.

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Spiral Presses

The PST Spiral Press is an effective press for dewatering. It has a dual function by both the transporting and dewatering. In fact, pressure mounted unit in the outlet end of a normal spiral conveyor and requires minimal space.
Examples of common materials that are pressed are fibers in paper mills, grating's in sewage treatment plants, waste in abattoir and catering and so on.

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Shaftless Spirals

A major advantage of the shaftless spiral is its ability to transport sticky, thread-like and irregular material without getting bogged down or blocked.

The shaftless also spiral has a much higher capacity than shafted spirals and can handle larger pieces.

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Paddle Mixers

The PST Paddle Mixer have a well proven and robust design. Common uses for PST Paddle Mixer is the mixture of lime and sludge of sewage treatment, but can also be used for mixing other materials in many industrial processes.

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Sediment Separators

The PST Sediment Separator is an efficient equipment for separating solid, non-liquid particles suspended in liquids. 

The product is mainly used in paper plants, sewage treatment plants and similar activities.

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PST V-system

Reduce your footprint with PST V-System based on Shaftless Screw Conveyors. The system can transport most materials vertically up to 25 meters.

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