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PST Shaftless Screw Conveyors

For decades PST Shaftless Screw Conveyors have proven themselves to be an exceptional solution for the conveying of many types of materials. The uncomplicated design of the Shaftless Screws means safe, reliable transportation with very high capacity (1 – 500m³/h). Together with the large volume in the shaftless spiral, the conveyor can handle larger material pieces without problems. Those volumes of material can even be lifted vertically if needed. See PST V-system for vertical transportation of goods.
PST Conveyors can be built in long sections, (up to 70 meters per conveyor), which can be mounted together in angles for complex layouts.

The design of PST Conveyors also enables the handling of bulky goods, including sticky and threadlike materials. A few examples of goods that can be transported are wood chips, saw dust, sludge, pellet, waste, rejects from pulper, chemicals, plastic granules, powder, food and much much more... 

PST Spiral Conveyors has for long time been used in demanding environments for problem-free , economical and safe conveying method for many different materials.

Product sheet Spiral Conveyors

PST longest conveyor, 63,5 meter

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