This Is How We Process Your Personal Data

Your Integrity is important to us!

Plåt och Spiralteknik AB, herein collectively referred to as “PST”, “we”, “us” or “our”, below referred to as PST, collects and processes personal data from individuals interacting with us as a supplier, and through our website. It is of outmost importance that the personal data which we collect is not compromised or taken over by unauthorized individuals/entities. This Data Protection Policy describes how we collect and process your personal data; and it presents which rights you have to obtain access to the data we have registered about you.  

What are personal data?

Personal data are any information (or combinations of pieces of information) concerning an identified or identifiable natural person (also, registered person). An identifiable natural person means a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly by reference to an identifier, e.g. a name, an identification number etc.

How do we collect personal data?

When you visit our website, we may ask you to provide us with your personal data e.g. if you wish to purchase products, or if you complete a form in order to become our customer, or if you wish to download catalogues or other information. We may also share your data with a third party e.g. if you order a product which the third party should deliver or install.

What type of personal data do we collect?

When you complete a form, we may collect the following data:

• Given name and family name

• Address

• Phone number

• E-mail address

• Personal identification number; in cases where the company registration number is identical with the personal identification number.

• Hur du använder vår webbplats och andra digitala kanaler (vilka sidor du besöker, vilka ord du söker på)

• Data on the way you navigate to and within our website (and social media sites), and the resources you access, and which keywords you have used for finding our site.

• Your purchasing habits and purchase history.

Dispatches and Newsletters

By keeping your data on record, we can keep you updated about our products, services and upcoming campaigns/discounts. If you do not want to be on our mailing list, you can easily unsubscribe from it. We may also use your data to communicate important messages related to purchasing, or changes in our terms and conditions and policies. Such data recording and activities relies on legal basis as a legitimate aim to perform customer services.


We also use personal data to be able to create, develop, deliver and improve our products and services, and our marketing.

This we accomplish by analyzing personal the personal data which we collect, e.g. how you use our website and other digital channels (what pages you visit, which keywords you use when searhing the site etc.), as well as purchase history. As a result of those analyzes, we can make our services more user friendly, for example by simplifying the user interface, and improving the product/logistics flow by prognosing purchasing inventories, and deliveries.

Legal basis: Legitimate aim to perform customer services.

Security and legal obligations

We also process personal data with the aim to meet the security concerns regarding all our services, and to prevent data loss and fraud. Personal data can, as an example, be used to investigate suspected intrusion on user accounts. Read more about how we work on security in the section; ”How do we protect your personal data?”

Personal data are also collected to fulfil legal obligations such as laws, sentences or administrative decisions. Such obligations may refer to product liabilities, product safety or book keeping.

Legal basis:

• Fulfil legal obligations – om sådan föreligger

• Legitimate aim to perform customer services

With Whom Do We Share the Information?

Sub-suppliers (i.e. data controllers)

To be able to deliver products, and services to you, we share your data with our sub-suppliers and other coompanies within our corporate group. We have written agreements with all data controllers though which they safeguard the personal data which is processed, and they undertake to follow our instructions, and security requirements as well as limitation requirements regarding international transmission of personal data. Some of our sub-suppliers may have parts of their businesses in a third country, i.e. countries outside of Sweden or EU/EES. If we must transmit personal data to a supplier in a third country to provide a product/service to you, we will take appropriate security measures, and safeguard that the data are handled according to the requirements within GDPR by entering the standard agreement on data protection with our sub-suppliers.


We may make certain pieces of information available to our partners who provide products and services in co-operation with PST, e.g. partners assisting us with marketing.


We are obliged to, upon lawful request, and decisions by authorities, to share personal data with i.e. the Swedish Tax Agency.


If you have given consent, we may also share your personal data with other companies, organisations or persons.

For How Long Do We Store Data?

We do not store personal data any longer than what is necessary, and the time frame for storing the data is dependent on the purpose of collecting the data, and our obligations according to law.

Customer data is stored as long you remain a customer with PST, and then for a period no longer than 48 months calculated from your customer agreement was terminated, or the latest active dialogue between ourselves. During this time we may use the information to communicate attractive offers regarding our products and services based on your demands. Data requred to be stored by law, such as book keeping, will be excluded from the above principle.

Supplier data will be stored as long as you are registered as a supplier to us, and then for a period no longer than 48 months calculated from your customer agreement was terminated, or the latest active dialogue between ourselves. Data required to be stored by law, such as book keeping, will be excluded from the above principle.

How do we Use Cookies?

Our website uses cookies to collect information on visitor activities. This gives us better understanding on how our visitors think, and what pages of the website are visited; this helps us improve your experience from using our website.

Cookies are also used to log the traffic to our web site – for statistics.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text based data file which a web server may ask you to have saved on your computer. It gives the web server information on your surfing habits. Depending on the settings in your web browser, all web sites may save cookies to your computer.

There are three types of cookies: permanent, temporary (also called session cookies) and third-party cookies. Permanent cookies are files stored on your computer for a longer period. Temporary cookies are temporarily stored on your computer, and will be deleted once you close the web page. The third-party cookie originates from another web site, and its purpose is to gather statistics on the visitors online activities.

The majority of all companies uses cookies on their web sites in order to improve the user experience, and cookies do not harm your files or increase the risk of your computer being infected by viruses.

How can I inactivate Cookies?

You may activate/inactivate cookies in your browser according to your preferences. The procedure for this is dependent on which browser you are using, but generally the cookie settings are found in the ”Tools”, or ”Settings” menu of your browser.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

We are anxious to care for our customers/suppliers, and we take our responsibility as data controllers very seriously. We continuously work on protecting your integrity and work with security on different levels such as IT infrastructure, policies, guidelines and buildings. We put great emphasis on preventive work in order for your data not to be inappropriately spread or misused. We have, amongst others, taken the following safety precautions:

Limitations on Permissions

Your personal data can only be accessed by persons needing them for their work tasks. This minimizes the number of people who can administrate the data, and the risk of wrong handling of those data.

Data Encryption

Encryption of sensitive data is performed through established encryption standards and methods.

Fire walls and Security Solutions

PST uses both fire walls and other safety solutions, such as anti-virus software to safeguard our IT infrastructure from unauthorized access and external threats.

Policies and Guidelines

Within PST, we have clear and established policies and guidelines handling of personal data. This contributes to general awareness of how personal data is handled in a safe manner.

Responsible Choice of Suppliers

We use only serious and well-proven IT solutions and suppliers. The supplier’s obligations towards PST and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are guided and maintained by clear and concise contracts.

Your rights

As a registered person, you are entitled at all times to exercise your rights under GDPR at any time. You have the right to:

• Rectification or erasure of any inaccurate data about you.

• To be forgotten (data erasure) unless there are legal reasons which obliges PST to keep your data on record; e.g. for taxing/book keeping.

• Object to and request limitation of which of your personal data PST process.

• Request access to your personal data in PST’s possession. The data should be presented to you in a structured format.

• Object to the processing of the data.

• Be informed if there is an incident involving your personal data.

• Receive your personal in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and the right to transmit those data to another

If you wish to exercise one or more of your rights, please contact us.

Our Contact Details

Plåt och spiralteknik AB, with registration number 556682-9197, and address Ramsågsgatan 8, 38534 Torsås. E-mail:

According to the GDPR you have the right to submit your complaint regarding processing of your personal data to The Swedish Data Protection Authority (

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