Spiral Conveyors since 1959

Our speciality is shaftless spiral conveyors. We design, manufacture, install, adapt and service spiral conveyors for a large variety of industrial applications. PST is more than a supplier; we are partners with large know-how within transportation of bulk material.

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Cost Effective Material Transport

By using our spiral conveyors you can transport everything from plastic and household waste to saw dust and sludge; horizontally, diagonally and vertically – efficiently, economically and eco-friendly. To ascertain that the equipment is optimal for its use, we deliver tailor-made conveyor systems adapted for each client’s specific needs. Thanks to our knowledge, we are able to save money for our customers. We do that by completely replacing other means of transport, and by enabling the use of automated processes. Our conveyors are cost effective because of trouble-free operation and very low service- and maintenance costs.