Paddle Mixers – For the Industry

The mixer can be used for blending many types of material in a large variety of industrial processes; e.g. for mixing lime and sludge in sewage treatment.

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Trimmings, Sewage sludge, Sediment, Bio sludge, Lime sludge…



Carbonides, Magnetite, Sodium Sulphate, Aluminium Fluoride, Titanium
Dioxide, Stone dust



Powder, Lime gravel, Pulper rejects, Metal shavings, Cement, Sand, Digestate, Salt, Starch, Iron oxide, Petro coke, Activated carbon, Glass fibres...

Produktbild på paddelblandare

Robust Design – and Multiple Choices

PSTs’ mixers are entirely enclosed with a robust design. Our line of mixers includes five standard sizes; but we naturally consider your wishes and demands to create a paddle mixer optimal for your requirements.

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