Sediment Separators – Efficient and adaptable

PST:s sediment separators are especially adapted for separation of solid, non floating, particles in liquids. Sediment separators are mainly used within the pulp industry as well as within water works.

Produktbild på sedimentering




Trimmings, Sewage sludge, Sediment, Bio sludge, Lime sludge…

Produktbild på sedimentering

Efficient and Adaptable Separators

PST:s sediment separators are made in standard sizes from Ø200 to Ø360 mm with maximum capacities from 6l/s to 115 l/s.

The separators are all individually configured depending on the properties of the particles as well as other process conditions which must be taken into consideration. Depending on particle size, we achieve a separation rate of 98-100%.

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