Spiral Presses – Efficient and durable

Our spiral presses are efficient, durable and reliable units for dewatering of different materials.

The spiral presses have double functions since they are able to simultaneously transport, and dewater the material.

Typical materials for this application are fibres in paper mills, grate screenings from waste water works and waste from butcheries and institutional housekeeping*.

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Chips, Saw dust, Pellets, Bark, Shavings, Fiber sludge, Ash, Briquettes Charcoal, Paper fibres, Chips, Splinters, Shredded paper...


Industrial waste

RDF, Offal, Glass, Oxide scale, Shredded tyres, Fly ash, Fabrics

Produktbild på spiralpress

Adaptable for Your Needs

The spiral press is designed and dimensioned in order to handle the specific material you wish to process.

We can also adapt the press for easy interconnection with existing conveyors resulting in a closed transport- and dewatering system.

*) NB. Our spiral presses are solely used for transporting and extruding liquid from fibrous materials.

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