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Vibration & Compaction Equipment

PST’s subsidiary Vihab has vibration technology that specialty. Whether it’s dosing, transporting, unloading or packing materials, Vihab have with more than 50 years of experience in vibrattion the solution to your problems.

Of course, we line up with the peripheral equipment needed for a turnkey facility. Through our wide network of specialists in both mechanics and electronics, we are flexible and can adapt to the specific requirements of each individual project.

Vihabs' Equipment Handle the Following Materials



Trimmings, Sewage sludge, Sediment, Bio sludge, Lime sludge…



Carbonides, Magnetite, Sodium Sulphate, Aluminium Fluoride, Titanium
Dioxide, Stone dust



Powder, Lime gravel, Pulper rejects, Metal shavings, Cement, Sand, Digestate, Salt, Starch, Iron oxide, Petro coke, Activated carbon, Glass fibres...


Animal Feed

Hay, Straw, Grain, Cereals, Chicken feed


Industrial waste

Carbonides, Magnetite, Sodium Sulphate, Aluminium Fluoride, Titanium
Dioxide, Stone dust



Chips, Saw dust, Pellets, Bark, Shavings, Fiber sludge, Ash, Briquettes Charcoal, Paper fibres, Chips, Splinters, Shredded paper...


Household waste

Vegetables, Glass, Food waste, Fluorescent lamps/bulbs…



Granulate, Capsules

Price table for spiral conveyor

Shipping, packaging and VAT are added to the prices. In the case of an invoice, 30 days net applies after the usual credit check. Otherwise, advance payment is applied. In case of late payment, late payment interest is charged. Delivered goods remain Vihab’s property until full payment has been made.

Vibration screens

Vihabs’ vibration screens; with one or more decks are suitable for sieving of powdery and granular materials. They are used in industries of various kinds such as foundries, alloy plants, chemical-technical industry, wood-fiber-cellulose industry, food and canning industry, energy and heating plants. The versatility of our sieving equipment makes them suitable for both dry and wet screening, thickening and drainage, check screening, dust separation etc.

Feeding Chutes

Vihabs’ feeding chutes are used for most types of materials and in industries of various kinds, such as foundries, mines, alloy industries, chemical-technical industry and food industry. The chute trays are as standard made in sheet steel; but can also be obtained in stainless or acid-proof design, or with inserts of wear plate, wear rubber, or synthetic fiber material.

The gutters are equipped with rubber dampers or coil springs for installation. In extreme load cases, coil springs with built-in rubber dampers are used.

Transport Chutes

With a long-stroke, low-speed eccentric element and link arms stored in soft rubber bushings, a gentle transport is achieved, both for materials and the environment. The noise level is kept below 70 dB (A),

and the gutters are equipped with rubber dampers or coil springs for installation. In extreme load cases, coil springs with built-in rubber dampers are used.

Special gutters with sight inserts, feed pipes with a circular or rectangular cross section, liquid cooling, electric heating, etc. are offered on request.


We offer a large selection of motor vibrators, magnetic vibrators, compressed air vibrators and hydraulically driven vibrators.

Foundry maker

Rational warehouse foundry offers significant time savings, and makes work easier and cheaper. Vihab foundry maker HS has been successfully used for a long time. We can provide transporting knockers and complete knockers with transport gutters for transporting the moulding sand.

Small parts feeder

Vihab small parts feeder for orientation and output of details are used in packaging and assembly stations for various details such as screws, nuts, washers, pinions etc.

Dosing feeder

The dosing feeder mainly consists of a funnel feeder mounted on a magnetic drive device. We adapt the feeder to your requirements as for size, material or housing.

The doser can be fitted with a sieving device if required.

Vibration table

Empty space costs money. Why pay for unnecessarily bulky packaging?

By using Vihabs’ vibrating table at the filling station, the material is packed to the optimum degree of packing; and the costs are kept at a bare minimum. Sacks, big bags, cartons, drums, etc. with powder or granular materials are suitably compacted on vibration tables type GB, where the vibrations are generated by a motor vibrator

Monitoring equipment

An amplitude sensor is mounted on the vibrating equipment and connected to the central unit.
From the alarm output, the signal cable is routed to the desired location, usually the control room, from which the process is controlled.
The central unit is calibrated for the amplitude at which the equipment normally operates.

If the process is disturbed by e.g. sticky material being stuck to a gutter or sieve causing the capacity to decrease – the monitoring equipment will return an alarm signal.

Should any significant part of the vibrating equipment come loose resulting in an increase in amplitude; an alarm will also be triggered.


Thyristor controllers for all types and sizes of magnetic vibrators.
The controls are available as built-in or encapsulated units. All controllers are ready for remote control.

Special solutions

Vihab can offer a range of solutions such as sight lines for glass crushers and spiral feeders.


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