Spiral Conveyors

For almost 60 years, our spiral conveyors have been used in demanding applications for problem free, economical and safe transport of a wide range of materials.

The dependability, the low maintenance costs and the possibility of transporting horizontally as well as diagonally and vertically are all essential parameters which combined makes us an important collaborator in many branches of industry.



Granulate, Capsules


Carbonides, Magnetite, Sodium Sulphate, Aluminium Fluoride, Titanium
Dioxide, Stone dust

Industrial Waste

RDF, Offal, Glass, Oxide scale, Shredded tyres, Fly ash, Fabrics

Animal Feed

Hay, Straw, Grain, Cereals, Chicken feed...


Chips, Saw dust, Pellets, Bark, Shavings, Fiber sludge, Ash, Briquettes Charcoal, Paper fibres, Chips, Splinters, Shredded paper...

Household Waste

Vegetables, Glass, Food waste, Fluorescent lamps/bulbs…


Trimmings, Sewage sludge, Sediment, Bio sludge, Lime sludge…


Powder, Lime gravel, Pulper rejects, Metal shavings, Cement, Sand, Digestate, Salt, Starch, Iron oxide, Petro coke, Activated carbon, Glass fibres...

A Simple, but Smart and Robust Solution

Add up all advantages of a PST spiral – and you get a solution with an excellent total economy.

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