Major manufacturers of pellets use high capacity spiral conveyor

This top-of-the-line, fully automated plant produces approximately 45 000 tons/year. The entire pellet plant is designed to use logging residue and hardwood as raw material for the pellets. It is also capable of producing consumer grade pellets using sawdust only.

The installation, made by PST, comprises 24 conveyors; and focuses using vertical conveyors to the most possible extent.

Daniel Widman, Falu Energi & Vatten

“In connection with the construction of our combined plant for the production of pellets and heat, spiral conveyors from PST were installed. They work flawlessly and we are satisfied with both the function and the capacity. “

This customized solution was created with our spiral conveyors. Read more about spiral conveyors

Our speciality is shaftless spiral conveyors. We design, manufacture, install, adapt and service spiral conveyors for a large variety of industrial applications. PST is more than a supplier; we are partners with large know-how within transportation of bulk material.


Falu Energi & Vatten


Falun, Sweden

Equipment Supplied

2x V-420 (~27 m total), 1x V8-420 (~20 m) och 1x U-420 ~15,5m


Dry sawdust, and pellets





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