Spiral conveyor ensures cost-effective transport of biofuel

It used to be different… material transport between the sawmill and the boiler was done by having one person driving a wheel loader back and forth on full throttle all day long…

Today it is a another story; a more cost efficient way to transport the material was found in PST’s spiral conveyors. This challenging project resulted in PST designing and delivering our longest conveyor ever, 63,5m! The installation comprises a vertical system, including a top conveyor which is equipped with frequency controlled dual drive units, and a reversible spiral.

An advanced vertical transport system

The installation comprises a vertical system with a top mounted conveyor equipped with dual, frequency controlled drives and a reversible spiral conveyor.

Return of invest in only 2 years

The switch to using a conveyor proved to be a success! The savings made on fuel costs, and the substantial reduction of wear on the wheel loader – together with better use of manpower, resulted in a ROI of only 2 years for the system.

This customized solution was created with our spiral conveyors. Read more about spiral conveyors

Our speciality is shaftless spiral conveyors. We design, manufacture, install, adapt and service spiral conveyors for a large variety of industrial applications. PST is more than a supplier; we are partners with large know-how within transportation of bulk material.


Long distance transport of fuel mass


Dalstorp, Sweden

Equipment Supplied

V-550: 6 m, V8-550: 10 m, U-550: 63,5 m


Shredded bark, wood chips, sawdust





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