Transport Screw

Screw Conveyors: Function and flexibility

Transport screw are an important component in material handling that offer efficient solutions for moving bulk materials through industrial processes. PST take particular proude of our extensive range of customized screw conveyors. They are designed entirely to meet the unique requirements and challenges of our customers.

We offer different sizes from 50-710 mm in diameter, where our specialty lies in tailoring the tool to the customer’s specific needs. This is achieved by adjusting the diameter and pitch according to the material to be transported. In most cases, our screws are manufactured shaftless and intended to transport a variety of materials. From the most delicate to the coarsest. Our expertise combined with decades of experience positions us at PST as a leading partner for a wide spectrum of industries.

Screw conveyors since 1959 - PST

The importance of screw conveyor in modern industries

Screw conveyors play an important role in several sectors. Their versatility makes them indispensable for various applications including biofuel production, pellet manufacturing, sawmill operations, water treatment plants, food production, and agriculture.

A wide range of materials is efficiently handled thanks to our screw conveyors:

  • Sludge from industrial processes
  • Minerals
  • Feed and grains for agricultural purposes
  • Various forms of industrial and municipal waste
  • Wood residues
  • Household waste and recyclable materials
  • Plastic pellets and recycled plastic
  • Fuels and fuel components
  • Fly ash from combustion processes
  • Lime and other building materials
  • Sand, gravel, and other granular materials

Construction and advantages of screw conveyors

The design of our screw conveyors focuses not only on quality and durability but also on energy efficiency and operational effectiveness. This resulting in significant cost savings for our customers. By using encapsulated and dust-free systems, it leads to reduced dust dispersion and acceptable noise levels in the environment.The constructions contribute to an improved working environment.

One of the most appreciated features of our product is the compact size, making them ideal for use in areas with limited space. The screw conveyors are very flexible and can be adapted to transport material at different angles including horizontally, on slopes and vertically. This offers a versatile solution for almost any application imaginable.

PST: Your Partner for Screw Conveyors

As your complete supplier of screw conveyors, we see ourselves as more than just a supplier – we are your partner. With our experience and technical expertise, we ensure that you get the best possible solution for your material handling needs. Whether you need assistance with design, transportation or installation of your screw conveyor, our dedicated team is ready to support you throughout the process.

Please contact us if you would like help exploring your specific needs! Our goal is to ensure that you have access to solutions that best meet your needs and contribute to optimizing your business. With PST by your side, you can rely on efficient and cost-effective screw conveyors that will play a key role in your material handling strategy.

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