Vertical transport of pellets to silo using spiral conveyor

The system consists of nearly 90 meters of mixed conveyors. 4 pcs of horizontal conveyors are feeding the gem in the collection; a 23,5 meter vertical conveyor.

This vertical auger transports the produced pellets up to the plants maximum height and docks to a top conveyor which drops the material into a silo.

A vertical conveyor from PST optimizes material flow as it requires minimal floor/ground area and high capacity. This is undoubtedly a cost-effective solution where the space is scarce and the requirement for efficiency at the same time is high.

This customized solution was created with our spiral conveyors. Read more about spiral conveyors

Our speciality is shaftless spiral conveyors. We design, manufacture, install, adapt and service spiral conveyors for a large variety of industrial applications. PST is more than a supplier; we are partners with large know-how within transportation of bulk material.


Long distance vertical transport of product


Grudziadz, Poland

Equipment Supplied

PST U, V and V8 spirals


Wood pellets


40 m³/h



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