Screw conveyors for recycling – modern material transport

For almost 60 years, our screw conveyors have been used in demanding applications for problem free, economical, and safe transport of a wide range of materials.

Thanks to modern technology, and our substantial experience; we can offer a transport solution which requires minimal maintenance. The possibility of transporting horizontally as well as diagonally and vertically are all essential parameters which combined realizes the possibility of building an efficient and site adapted environment.

Produktbild på skruvtransportör

Price table for screw conveyor adapted for recycling industry

We adapt the screw conveyor according to your wishes regarding capacity, length, material, installation angle, support legs and wear liners. We supply all spare parts and deliver worldwide.

You can easily download our price table to estimate the approximate price for a PST screw conveyor for your recycling plant.

Produktbild på skruvtransportör

Screw Conveyor for Recycling which is Efficient, Smart and Modern

Add up all advantages of a PST spiral – and you get a solution with an excellent total economy and reliability.

By disregarding time-consuming, and inefficient transport methods; and instead venturing at PST; you can help creating the next generation of screw conveyors which help resolute many of existing problems within the industry.

Product Data Sheet

Please, download the data sheet in printable PDF.

Screw conveyors, especially adapted for the recycling industry ascertain a very reliable


Household waste

Glass, electronics, fluorescent lamps/light bulbs



Granulate, Capsules



Powder, metal shavings, active carbon, glass fibre, tyres

Price table for screw conveyor adapted for recycling industry

You can easily download our price table to calculate the approximate cost of a transport screw from PST. Enter your details to the right and you will receive the price table directly to your email.

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Shaftless screw conveyors: A revolution in material handling

Transport av trä med skruvtransportör

Spiral conveyor ensures cost-effective transport of biofuel

Our longest carrier (63.5m) so far, which is an important part of a money- and resource saving project.

History and expertise

In total, PST has manufactured more than 7000 spiral conveyors and delivered to the most diverse industries. For example, PST’s spiral conveyor represents a large proportion of conveyors in the sawmill industry. Our solution carries most of the fractions such as grated bark, wood chips, sawdust and cutter chips.